Personalized survey and screening solutions are now developed also for dental healthcare

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Movendos develops new solutions for dental healthcare with Pihlajalinna and Metropolia in Finland. With new kind of surveys the dentists and dental hygienists get all the necessary information about dental care customer already before the appointment. This enables better picture of the patient’s situation, dental care habits and wishes related to the treatment.

In practice this means that the patient fills in an easy to use survey with a mobile phone or any other device online. After the respond the professionals see clear summaries of dental health and treatment at home and for example possible fears related to dental appointments. Getting right information and data collected in one place saves time, enables more personalized care and makes the customer experience better.

The development is led by Pihlajalinna, which is one of the leading private social and healthcare providers in Finland. Also a group of students and teachers of dental care degree from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences have an important role in the development work.

The new survey content has been created as part of Movendos mSurvey platform, which includes comprehensive contents of surveys related to health risks, wellbeing and work related risk assessments in English, Finnish and Swedish.