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Movendos just had its 4th birthday. The origin of the company is in behavioral and health science research in Tampere university of technology, Finland. Years ago a clear problem among health and wellbeing professionals was recognized: their customers – like any of us – have a very human tendency to stick in old habits and thought models. The professionals had a clear need to bring individual and holistic support between the customer meetings and to make positive change easier by small steps and concrete support. Our company started based on this idea and the first product was mCoach remote coaching tool. It has been licensed by about 60 organizations in Finland, including professionals of occupational health providers, rehabilitation and coaching.

On the way we recognized that a high quality remote coaching requires good coaching skills of the professional and aspects related to individual needs.  We have been both training the professionals for remote coaching and also helped our customers to develop new service processes related to remote care and coaching. The road is long but rewarding. Our small team of eight persons has worked a lot on the field, listened to the customer needs and continued flexible development work. We have managed to be around and available for our customers and to solve current challenges which have been left without recognition by many others.

For us developing new service and technology solutions means responding for a concrete need

In Autumn 2016 Movendos grew as a Finnish coaching company joined Movendos. The new Movendos started to offer holistic and solution based individual workplace wellness coaching as our own service in addition to the technology licensing. It’s all about preventive coaching, which helps the individual to change thought and action models, based on individual values, situation of life and needs. This helps to create sustained positive change in daily life: the change starts from the individual himself, not from external professionals and outer motivation only.

During year 2016 we also found out that the world is not very ready what comes to electronic health screening and questionnaire services. For some reason the existing products in this area had many improvement needs, which would benefit our customers both in daily work and organization level development. We had an easy answer for these needs – our own development team. In cooperation with professionals we developed a comprehensive survey service during the summer and autumn. Now we have it available for companies and employers or service providers related to health care and rehabilitation. The survey can be used for multiple purposes from customer profiling to care paths, start and end surveys and measuring the efficacy of any intervention, coaching or care. We have used all the required professional expertise to develop our improved service.

It’s fascinating to create future today

What next? The preventive services will grow and flexible digital solutions are needed both in private and public sector. Along the digitalization itself the crucial aspect is that Movendos wants to combine a human to human.  At its best the remote services and coaching bring high quality individual supports and care to anyone, which also makes the services more equal. Movendos technology is not cold – behind it is always a real professional and a living warm heart.

Movendos Way is our way to listen to the customers, follow up the societal change and to be one step forward all the time. We develop new solutions, but always with need oriented prioritization and a holistic view.

Read more about our new mSurvey service:

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