Promising results in recognizing stress levels in work environment

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A Finnish company Moodmetric published news on a study that simulates cognitive workload in laboratory conditions. The research was carried out by the Personal Health Informatics group at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology of the University of Tampere.

The aim of the study was to find out the accuracy of the Moodmetric ring identification of stress levels when compared to the EDA measurement system applied in scientific studies. The ability of meters to distinguish between stress levels was also compared to the accuracy of self-assessment by individuals. Machine learning methods were used to analyze the results.

The research was led by Hannu Nieminen, Director of Research at Movendos, who also conducts research and teaches at the University of Tampere. According to Nieminen, the results are promising:

– Based on preliminary results, it appears that the signal produced by the Moodmetric ring can be used to categorize workloads as well as comparable laboratory-level equipment.

Link to the whole news on Moodmetric’s website here.

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