On-line coaching supports life management of autistic spectrum individuals

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The Finnish Foundation of Autistic Spectrum decided to pilot remote coaching in spring 2016. The foundation wants to develop coaching and support methods based on their customer needs. The remote coaching process was piloted in different services like in foundation’s coaching center, supported housing and rehabilitation services. Movendos mCoach on-line coaching tool has been used based on the individual needs of service users. Movendos helped to support steps and actions towards goals between the coach meetings.

”Movendos as a tool helps the coach to support customer’s own responsibility and independence. Both individual coaching tasks and messaging have been used in on-line coaching. The on-line tasks have supported adopting new daily habits and routines and helped to structure the projects related to studies or employment. The persons with problems in coordination or self-management have clearly benefitted from on-line coaching support”, tells Sanna Kara from the Finnish Foundation of Autistic Spectrum.

The concrete everyday coaching tasks are very important to the people living with autistic spectrum disorder. Along this, the familiar coach’s presence in daily life and encouragement towards smaller and bigger goals has been seen useful. The on-line coaching tasks are always tailored for individuals and they can be related to any aspect of life or wellbeing. The customers’ age has varied from 18 to 35 and they have seen mCoach as an easy to use tool.

The follow up of progress and small steps is rewarding both for the coaching professional and for the customers.  For example in a project related to studies or work, the concrete periods can be created e.g. on weekly level, which enables proceeding and focusing with as low stress factors as possible. The weekly goals can be supported by smaller daily tasks, which can relate to time management, social relations, homework, sleep and recovery, nutrition, activities or any other aspect of individual’s life. The coach can add any material to the tasks in form of videos, pictures, sound, links or other attachments.

”Our on-line coaching tasks have focused on self-knowledge, self-observation and discussion with the coach. For more, the tasks have been used to support daily actions which increase positive resources, support relaxing and help with stress management. The basic daily actions are often challenging and create huge stress to the persons in autistic spectrum.  Therefore it’s important to help them to find things that help them to grow positive energy and resources to recover from the stress factors”, Sanna Kara describes.

The pilot has raised lot of discussion about the varied possibilities of remote support. The Finnish Foundation of Autistic Spectrum has decided to continue on-line coaching service for many kinds of customers and customer service groups. The background of the coaches who have been using Movendos, varies from socionoms, psychologists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to social pedagogy professionals.

Sanna Kara is the branch manager of rehabilitation and healthcare services in Finnish Foundation of Autistic Spectrum. 

This article was published in the Finnish Autism magazine in November 2016.

Movendos is a Finnish technology and coaching company, which is based on strong behavioral and healthcare research background. Movendos develops comprehensive screening and coaching services for rehabilitation, occupational health, workplace wellness and public sector. Movendos mCoach on-line coaching tool is secured and it can be licensed for professional use. It can be used with any devices’ internet browser or with applications. www.movendos.com/en