Movendos is aiming for European markets – scalable solutions for expensive societal problems raise interest

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EIT Digital is one of the focus areas in EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology). EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. It delivers new digital innovations to the market and helps talented individuals and businesses to reach economic growth and improved quality of life in Europe. Digital wellbeing is one of the four innovation action lines in EIT. Movendos is attending the finals of EIT Digital Wellbeing category among nine European companies on 24.11.2016.

The Movendos philosophy is based on two fundamental problems. First, the amount of data or knowledge doesn’t seem to help behaviour change in daily life. We drown into data, but the level of holistic wellbeing doesn’t grow. Second, the professional support is often available too late in a reactive way, and even then the professional support doesn’t reach the daily life of individuals.

How the knowledge and professional support can be turned into small step changes in daily life?

Everyday life and routines are easily taking a grip of us. That’s why the knowledge or data are not making most of us change our behaviour. This is the case whether it’s about life habits, time management or social relations. There are reliable research results already from year 2002 which show that up to 58 % of chronic diseases can be prevented with personalised coaching from professional. Recent research results on the other hand show that Movedos coaching increases customer engagement up to 88 % which is 50 % more than in peer group. So, combining the professional support to remote coaching with an individual support and content in daily life can make a significant change on societal and individual level.

When the individual change path is supported by a professional, it’s crucial to recognise the values and needs of the individual. These are the keys to inner motivation. They also make the small change steps easier, avoiding too quick or huge changes, which would seem hard to achieve.  This enables more sustained commitment and reaching a better quality of life.

We all have sometimes needed support or at least we all have our close ones who have been in that situation. The technology and comprehension of human being as a whole are both developing fast. In the close future it’s possible to offer individual support in people’s daily life undependent from location, time, age or status. Technology is at its’ best when combined to a touch of a human expertise. That’s why we in Movendos want to produce technology promoting positive flow from human to human.

Scalable solutions for the expensive problem 

Every single day in European Union there are 2500 young adults retiring due to mental problems. At the same time there are 36 000 new diabetes diagnosis made and over 9 million people are on a sick leave due to musculoskeletal problems. These all can be tackled.

In Finland, over 60 health and social care and rehabilitation organisations utilize Movendos on line coaching and wellness assessment platform. The development work of several years has been conducted in a close cooperation with Finnish research and customer partners. We see this as just a beginning. The challenges in Europe are common, and the Finnish market shows clear need for new flexible solutions. What’s best, in addition to need it also shows readiness to adopt new effective service models.

In EIT Digital Wellbeing finals Movendos is searching for international contacts via EIT network, in organisations like corporations or health and social care service providers.

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