Individual on-line coaching to promote respiratory health -increased activity and decrease of loneliness

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The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland conducted a small on-line coaching pilot for their members in the local association of Tampere region. There were around 10 participants, some of them already retired and some still in work life. The coach Veera Farin is very happy with the pilot experience.

The on-line coaching content was individual, including tasks like walking diary, sleep diary, different home exercises (video tasks), chair exercise and follow up of gym training. The coachees liked the coaching a lot. Several persons found on-line coaching as a good support for taking care of one’s wellbeing and encouraging for new activities and going out. The coach Veera Farin mentions, that one over 80 years old coachee told on-line coaching support had decreased feelings of loneliness and at the same time the home exercise increased and computer skills got better.

”mCoach-platform was very easy to use for me as a coach. It was rewarding to check the daily, weekly and monthly summaries of each coachee. I gave feedback by messaging on a weekly basis”, Veera Farin says.

Based on these positive experiences, the funding for further activities now being investigated.

Feedback from the coachees

”mCoach was the most easy to use application I have seen. I can recommend it for everyone, both for active persons and for persons with disease or rehabilitation need.”

”I managed to change my habits related to daily activity. The coach even had to tell me to slow down. The results have been great!”

”The best thing was to wait the message from the coach.”

More information about The Organisation for Respiratory Health in Finland:


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