How to create forerunner health services – Movendos and the healthcare provider Pirte have a story to be told

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The occupational health sector is digitizing at a great pace, but based on whose needs? The occupational healthcare customer wants smooth services from one place, and occupational health professionals need technology that facilitates their own work. These two needs can be realized at the same time.

The co-operation of Finnish technology company Movendos and the occupational healthcare and medical service provider Pirte, has provided services that are at the forefront of service development. Smooth access to health services and a fluent information flow leave more time for people and bring cost savings.

Good digitalization brings services to one door

When digital services meet real needs, occupational healthcare provider can focus on the most important thing – serving its customers with human to human services. When an occupational healthcare customer finds and reaches the service they need easily, and the workplace health care process is easy, both parties can focus on supporting and maintaining the health of an employee. The occupational healthcare client is an active actor who gets the access to the right service as easily as possible.

The Tampere based occupational healthcare and medical center Pirte has been a pioneer in developing digital health services. For years, the development partner has been Movendos.
At the end of October last year, Pirte’s occupational healthcare customer received service with a new remote reception service for the first time. The doctor served her client from her cottage at Lake Sevettijärvi in ​​Lapland and the nurse from Tampere, Southern Finland. With the help of two professionals, the client was quickly guided to the right service. Remote reception is a good example of a service that enables new ways of working for health professionals and brings services close to the customer.

– As the work life constantly changes, our customer needs are also changing. With digital services we can respond to customers’ needs regardless of location. Through electronic service channels care paths become lighter, and the customer gets the help they need easily and quickly, says Piia Pulkkinen, Pirte’s customer co-ordinator.

– For a young and development-oriented company, this kind of a collaboration is very rewarding. We have been able to develop services that are now nationally leading the way. Agile and nationally spreading solutions have been developed locally which is changing the market in Finland, says Managing Director Arto Leppisaari from Movendos.

A good care path enables the flow of information and data

The flow and utilization of data and information is essential not only from customer’s aspect but also in terms of cost benefits. Information generated through the service path can be utilized to support individual health, as well as to develop organizational and business-level activities. Focusing on essentials brings cost benefits to the occupational healthcare service provider and its customer. Intelligent digital service is also increasingly focusing on prevention rather than on treating symptoms.

– Pirte constantly develops its services to meet the needs of a modern human being. We have been considering digital solutions’ perspectives together with Movendos and have taken the customer experience into account during different phases. Confidentiality, openness and an easy co-operation make it possible to produce completely new kind of services and what’s best, also to change the healthcare sector as a whole, says Birgitta Ojala, Pirte’s Development Manager.

– Collaboration with Pirte has gradually become more intense. Development has progressed from video reception to surveys of health risks, well-being and working conditions, and online booking. Most recently, remote reception has been expanded with the chat and messaging service. In terms of benefits and user experience, parts of the service path must form a mutually supportive whole. In this way, the information can be passed at different stages of the service path and with the patient information system, Leppisaari describes.

An example of the service path of Harry Healthcare customer:

– Harry needs some quick help in an acute situation. He opens the health service in his smartphone and starts a chat conversation.
– Harry chooses a symptom which describes his situation best, and the chat automatically asks for more specific questions.
– The nurse joins the conversation. In her opinion, it’s good to hear the opinion of the doctor as well. The doctor joins online.
– If needed, Harry will be directed to reserve time for a suitable professional with the right length of time, either in a remote appointment or at a specific location.
– Before the reception, Harry can also answer surveys related to health or working conditions.


The customer co-ordinator Piia Pulkkinen in the picture has acted as the project leader in developing Pirte’s digital services. “Finding services regardless of location is important to today’s customers.”

Photo taken by Mandi Gardemeister, Pirte.


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