Expedition for new habits and better life

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Feeling dull, unsure, tired, not knowing how to improve your feelings and health under the every day pressure? Is it laziness, lack of time or unawareness of what you would want or need? Or is it just easier to stay where you are, even when the convenience area is gnawing at you? Maybe you are basically happy but a bit bored and something new might fresh your mind up?

Everyday habits dominate the things we do and the way we do. Therefore the habits have a huge impact on the quality of life. We continue doing things the old way, because it’s easier. It’s a well recognized fact that personal support by a coach helps the learning process of new habits efficiently. Another important factor for successful change is the famous motivation itself. Motivation gets you forward even when facing hardships, and this is where the coach can have a great impact. Three success elements for learning better life habits are a real personal coach support to the daily life, holistic human aspect for wellbeing and individual coaching content.

Movendos has developed a new model for habit coaching, which leans on learning by small steps and continuous support. Movendos-coaching aims at developing better life habits and learning new ways of organizing life. It combines meetings with the coach and remote coaching, which leads to better results and commitment. The coach motivates the coachee by the Movendos web based coaching tool, where the coaching content is defined based on individual needs and motivation.

Movendos-coaching can be applied in various contexts: fitness coaching, wellbeing at work, psychotherapy, psychic and change coaching, career coaching, daily life management, rehabilitation and social relations. All of them are pieces of a better life.

Imagine how extensive is the need for better life? It’s cross-cutting the whole society charged by human individuals. Endless challenges, endless business opportunities and even the best, endless possibility for actions with a good purpose.

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