Dagiswork research: Individual workplace wellness coaching for daycare employees

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The task of daycare employers is to promote children’s balanced growth, development, health and wellbeing. To make these important targets possible, it’s crucial to emphasize workplace wellness and holistic health of daycare employers. Solutions utilizing health technology make new kind of individual support models possible.  It’s necessary to see the individual needs and the type of the specific job or work environment as a whole and then aim at lowering stress levels.

Dagiswork is a research project conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The project continues from Autumn 2016 until the end of year 2017. Its target is to develop a new procedure to support health and holistic wellness of daycare employers by lowering experienced stress levels. During the research project the two daycares from the Finnish cities of Espoo and Kouvola get a coaching programme for individual employers. The project includes various impact measurements on the way.

The coaching programme is based on  Movendos Health & Wellness Coaching concept, and it utilizes also Movendos mCoach on-line coaching platform. The programme is promoting health in versatile ways, based on individual tasks and feedback from a professional coach. This way the daycare employers get motivating and holistic support based on their own specific needs and situation. The support of both the coach and the work community is part of the daily progress in this research project.

The impact of the coaching is measured in many ways like by holistic screening and surveys, blood tests, stress hormone level measurements, heartbeat analysis, daily activity and economic impact evaluation. For example the following aspects are being studied:
•    Is the stress level going down?
•    Is the healthier behavior increasing?
•    Is the quality of sleep and recovery from work getting better?
•    Is the daily activity increasing and the nutrition getting better?
•    What is the state of infections in the body and the health level of arteria?
•    What are the cognitive stress factors and what is their relation to the human mistakes happening in work?


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