Quality for life and energy for work – case CGI Finland

There are several well recognized practices as well as experienced trainers and coaches for promoting wellbeing at work. Still, for each of us adopting new actions and habits is often trampled by daily routines or hurry.  Movendos Ltd has developed a solution: a new model for habit coaching, which focuses on learning by small steps and continuous support from the coach. Movendos coaching aims at developing better life habits and learning new ways of organizing life. It combines together meetings with the coach and remote coaching, which leads to better results and commitment. The coach motivates the employee by web based coaching tool, Movendos mCoach, where the coaching content is defined based on the individual needs and motivations.

CGI is one of the leading information technology and business process service companies in the world. CGI Finland decided to implement Movendos coaching as a local action related to the CGI’s Global health and wellness program Oxygen. Promoting wellbeing at work is part of the company’s business strategy. To allocate resources right, to follow the efficiency of the coaching and to measure the results is important for the company management.

According to Saara Lamberg, HR director of CGI Finland, they have been getting plenty of positive feedback from the employees. Approximately 50 participants attended the project from four different units: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. The coaching periods varied from two to four months.

-We wanted to try Movendos Coaching, because we are searching for new and efficient actions related to wellbeing at work. In Movendos coaching the employee gets support as part of the everyday life. That’s why we believed in the positive impact of Movendos coaching and achieving more sustained change, Saara Lamberg says.

Quality for life and energy for work by small changes

The Movendos coaching of CGI Finland was carried out in co-operation with personal trainer Sirkku Parkkonen.

-Movendos mCoach coaching tool has been truly valuable. Thanks to Movendos I was able to define individual coaching targets and tasks and provide individual support in different units at the same time. The employees have sustained their motivation better and they have given positive feedback for the personalized remote coaching tasks, Sirkku describes.

The results have been promising both for the physical and mental wellbeing: efficiency and energy levels at work have increased and the blood pressure levels have gone remarkably down. The reason behind this is the positive change in many small things: the amount of sports or daily activity has increased and the habits related to sleep and nutrition have got better. Many of the employees also feel that they have been getting help and good tools to beat work stress and overload.

They also think that the remote coaching gave motivation and helped to recognize own habits and their effect for wellbeing. The positive individual results of Movendos coaching reflect also to the work community and family in personal life.

One of the employees, Marja Pesonen from the Oulu unit has been very satisfied with the coaching. Keeping touch with the coach brought important support for the change.

– I had concrete targets and the tasks varied over the coaching period. I truly succeeded to change everyday habits thanks to the support from the coach. Before I tended to forget my good thoughts and intentions after the coach meetings. It was nice to follow up my own progress.  Movendos mCoach was very easy to use, Marja Pesonen says.

Download the article here: http://materials.movendos.com/CGI_story_in_English_Final.pdf



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