Flexible Survey

Solution for Health and Wellbeing Screening and Surveys

Movendos mSurvey is a vast screening and survey service for example companies, occupational health care and rehabilitation. Movendos mSurvey can be used for multiple purposes as a separate solution or integrated in other systems. It enables targeted and tailored surveys based on the needs of the target group or individuals. Examples of the holistic and evolving survey contents are sleep, nutrition, activity, life balance, wellbeing at work, quality of life, health status and risks, work related exposures, motivation and readiness for change, customer satisfaction and many many more.

Thank you for actively developing the mSurvey tool and taking the views of the field strongly into account! We appreciate it! The reforms on your roads have taken place on a fast schedule! Too often, we have come across unfinished products that have been marketed and sold ready-made and development work has lagged behind.

– Terhi Oijala, Service Manager

Suitable for Multiple Purposes

Screening and profiling the customers and creating need based guiding paths - a better impact with a better focus

Initial and final surveys for impact assessment

Individual surveys for different needs like for individuals, groups and large target groups

Wide variety of content from light measurement of feelings to comprehensive health surveys and audited health data


Comprehensive Content
of High Quality

The content is developed together with health care professionals and it is constantly extending based on needs. Health contents are based on scientifically validated methods.


The survey content modules can be selected for each separate survey and also tailored module contents can be ordered. Language options are English, Swedish and Finnish.

Easy to Use

The individual invitations are easy to send and a common survey link can be shared through any selected channel.

Clear Reporting

Automatic and clear reports for individuals or groups and risk measurements in a visual form. All data in one place, also raw data available for further handling.

Fluent Part of Service

Easy to integrate in other service processes, always tailored with the logo and visual features of the service provider.

Easy to Respond

Easy to respond with any device, also in mobile. A visual individual report can be downloaded immediately after responding.

Secured Cloud Service

Secured connection and new updates always automatically available.

Fair Pricing

The pricing is always based on the selected annual license and the amount of survey responses.