Härmämedi – digital remote healthcare solutions support face to face services with quality

Härmämedi is an occupational healthcare service provider in Härmänmaa region, Finland. It’s owned by local companies and it focuses on preventive care of owners. Härmämedi was established in 2012 and at the moment it has over 750 organisations as customers. 

We are the strongest service provider in Härmänmaa region what comes to occupational healthcare. One of our key values is to serve local services close to our customers. The corona time however demanded re-assessment of the situation and we started to enhance remote digital services. I feel that thanks to corona we found new possibilities for bringing more value for our customers, the Managing Director Jan-Erik Hagfors tells

Härmämedi utilizes all digital solutions of Movendos Health Platform. They use symptom and need based time reservation, remote appointments and chat as well as digital health check forms and online coaching platform developed by Movendos. In addition Härmämedi utilizes the new mShare solution for the communication between occupational healthcare and customer employers. With mShare portal it’s possible to share information, communicate fluently and have everything up to date for example related to sick leaves. 

When we mapped out different options for digital solutions, we were very pleased with the way how the overall solution is managed with Movendos. Development cooperation has been very good. The schedules have been kept and we got tailored digital tools fluently without any delay. We have also launched the digitization of tools based on our own needs. This work will continue and we believe that with these future tools, we will be able to provide our client companies with even more proactive occupational healthcare collaboration. With advanced digital tools, we strengthen the competitiveness of our customer companies with healthier personnel and a safe and healthy work environment through preventive measures, Hargfors describes.

All professionals in Härmämedi are increasingly using the above-mentioned solutions. Currently, digital services are most actively used in the assessment of the need for care and related to digital health checks. Also remote reception has been in active use.

The mShare health portal between Härmämedi and its customer companies is mainly used with larger customers, but the usage is constantly expanding. As the latest service, Härmämedi introduced a remote coaching service, which occupational physiotherapists utilize to provide remote guidance and counseling to customers. This remote support is for individual occupational healthcare customers and groups.

The model for building comprehensive need based digital services has worked in a very holistic way with Movendos. The cooperation and tailoring of solutions has happened fluently and with patience based on our needs. Everything has been done as agreed both related to quality and schedules, Hagfors tells.

Many daily occupational healthcare services are easy to offer online

The new remote digital services of Härmämedi have helped to take care of many traditional face to face services online. 

These new remote digital services saved our business during corona time. The digital services can be utilized in almost all of our services, in some more and in some less. Sometimes our end customer is in quaranteen or has a sick kid at home, which makes remote services important for an easy access to care. Often our end customers also just want to save time. For example long distance customers have been very happy that they don’t always need to travel to our occupational healthcare unit. Customers who work in shifts have been able to send chat messages to our professionals during times that are suitable for them. Movendos solutions are also secure, Hagfors thanks.

The remote reception has enabled counseling and guidance for occupational healthcare customers, as well as quick answers to laboratory results, the results of health check tests or matters related to prescriptions. Urgent matters such as the assessment of the need for treatment and non-urgent matters have been handled through chat messages. Video reception has been used especially by occupational health psychologists and as part of health checks.

In the health checks, electronic health check forms are utilized. They have streamlined the health check process a lot. With the use of electronic forms, the mailing of traditional forms has decreased. Once the client has completed the electronic health check survey, the client will receive a summary of their own health status at the end of the survey, which helps the respondent outline the health-promoting and stressful things in their own lives.

The personal health report has received good feedback from customers. Various surveys such as surveys of psychosocial stress have been utilized for some customers. They have also got a lot of good feedback as the client company receives good and comprehensive ready-made reports, which are then utilized in the occupational health co-operation where necessary.

From the perspective of customer service, our customers have found digital services well. According to the feedback, those who have used digital services have been satisfied. We have got feedback  especially from the easiness and clarity of the services and the mobile app. Corona time has increased use, and many have experienced relief from having things taken care of remotely. Certainly, our customers will continue to use remote services more and more in the future, alongside local reception services based on our value base. Depending on the situation, remote reception is also close reception, when help is available quickly and easily, Hagfors says.

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