Occupational Health Helsinki serves customers with clear service paths and focus on impact

Occupational Health Helsinki started cooperation with Movendos in year 2019. Movendos Health Platform for digital heathcare services like time reservation, care need assessment, chat and messaging has been easily available for occupational health customers.  Occupational Health Helsinki is the occupational health unit of Finland’s biggest employer, the city of Helsinki. It’s responsible for occupational healthcare services for 40 000 employees.

Our customers have found our chat service easily. We are using chat for care need assessment and for guiding the customer to right services. We are using a so called hybrid model, where the time reservation for low threshold services like mental health or physiotherapist services can be reserved directly and certain part of the time reservation is based on care need assessment. Our nurses can also easily move the customer from chat to doctor’s remote reception. Movendos Health Platform and the tools available are very flexible what comes to different customer paths. The non-urgent and urgent messaging are the most important tools for remote reception for our occupational healthcare professionals at the moment, the Unit Director Ritva Teerimäki tells.

With efficient customer guidance the Occupational Health Helsinki is also focusing on improving impact. For example the risks related to workability are being assessed which is used for planning the individually suitable service paths. The digital channels which are easy to use, aim for enabling as many healthy work days for the ends customers as possible.

Occupational Health Helsinki has been following up the customer experience for years and now also the usability of chat is systematically followed. The occupational healthcare has set result targets related to this and at the moment the measured customer experience is immense. It’s great to see how content the customers are for our digital services. The different measurements for follow-up are easy to create, so the follow-up of experiences is easy. This also helps to adjust personnel resources based on the need and feedback, the Managing Director of Occupational Health Helsinki Tiina Pohjonen describes.

Pohjonen says, that the online reporting and follow-up of the timing and amount of chat discussions is a very important and an excellent tool for management. It helps to plan resources, because the need for occupational healthcare services is varying depending on the day of week, season and timing.

The new service path system is supporting workability

Earlier Occupational Health Helsinki has used Movendos mBooking solution for need and symptom based time reservation.  Now the logic of time reservation has been changed more towards service paths which supports promoting health and enables finding the right care services or different paths for supporting workability. The new system was taken into use in the beginning on June 2021. The crucial part of time reservation is, that the occupational healthcare customer can manage all reservations with an own code without contacting the professionals. This saves a lot of professional time. With this same flow, also the video appointment services have been taken widely into use instead of telephone services.

We want to raise up our preventive services, where we have been focusing a lot. Our customers can see options for different service paths and how they lead to chat discussions or time reservation. In addition to the nurse work, the video reception is a good tool for workability discussions with the occupational healthcare doctors or for the early stage workability discussions for example in burnout situations or when a burnout risk is identified. The remote meetings are saving time of all parties like professionals, superiors and employees, Teerimäki tells.

The customer understanding and trust are important parts of parthership

Occupational Health Helsinki has been very content for cooperation with Movendos. The trustful model for cooperation has  helped to develop need based solutions and service processes forward.

For Movendos solutions I can only say a huge thank you! The benefits are evident. Movendos develops solutions in a very customer oriented way and understands the situation of the customer. The culture of the company and the cooperation and the agile, reacting and quick way of need based working is important. The open dialog and flexible communication raise mutual trust. Everything has happened step by step as planned and promised in schedule, Tiina Pohjonen thanks.

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