My Movendos journey – the world can be changed by supporting individual health

After over seven years in a start-up and growth company, it’s fascinating to think about the foundation of success and my own aspect along the Movendos team. Movendos was founded in the end of year 2012, and commercial business started one year later in the form of a taylorable remote coaching platform for health and wellbeing professionals. I joined Movendos a few months later in  March 2014.

The red thread  of Movendos values has stayed the same during all these years, even though the services and products have developed and grown.  Movendos focuses on digital solutions and services which help to improve individual health. The goal is to enable easy to use digital tools to social and healthcare professionals and a fluent access to care at the right time and with a low threshold to the end customers of social and healthcare.  

In Movendos philosophy and solutions everything starts from enabling a human to human encounter. Technology should always stay in the background, as an enabler or the encounter between the professional and the customer or patient. During Covid-19 the remote solutions raised their value very fast as we were able to help the continuation of services during exceptional times.

Company values define the direction of daily work

Movendos as a company has very strong values, which makes the responsible and customer oriented way of development and openness a starting point for all of our work.  The clear common values between the team members have helped us to build Movendos through change and growth. Due to this on this journey it has always been pretty clear what and how we do and what we don’t do. At the moment our digital services are widely used by Finnish occupational healthcare providers as well as in rehabilitation and third sector. 

This summer our team grew from eight to 14 employees. Our work community is multi-cultural and multi-professional and we cooperate daily. For more Movendos has a very experienced and committed team of value- and solution-based health coaches, which gives individual health coaching for the employees of private and public sector.  As a new operating model in the summer 2021, Movendos also started to operate FinnHELP online discussion help service by a very experienced team of helpers, which is targeted for front line healthcare employees during corona time. 

The solutions making everyday life easier help to improve well-being at work

At its best new digital reception solutions and other digital services also help to support the well-being at work of social and healthcare professionals. Based on the feedback we have got, after the small hesitation in the beginning, the professionals have learnt a lot of new things, found new motivation and enthusiasm to their work and even got new kind of professional pride with new remote services.They also find rewarding the way how content their customers and patients are, as the access to care and support is easy for example via chat, unurgent messaging or remote reception.  Some professionals have had negative experiences of development projects before, which has made the positive surprise even bigger with Movendos solutions. 

When an organisation is adopting new solutions and service models, the organisational culture and internal practices are as meaningful as the technology which is enabling the new services.  Internal communication, possibility to participate the decision making, commitment to common new ways of working and commitment to organisation values as well as a transparent management all support a successful start for new service models in the work community. 

Listening and continuous learning

Durin my seven years in Movendos I have focused on remote coaching models and services in rehabilitation and third sector as well as on our value- and solution-based Unik Health Coaching.  I’m also responsible for the external communication of Movendos, which is a good chance to stay in touch with everything Movendos does with its customers and partners.  I value the trust and skills of our team very high. I also value the fact that I have had a possibility to build my own role starting from my own interests. 

Before Movendos I worked in the renewable energy sector in business development. Now, after all these Movendos years and after hundreds of discussions with social and healthcare professionals and HR decision makers, the understanding of the everyday needs of employees and people as individuals has grown in a very unique way.  At the moment I also study social sciences along my work, because I want to get a deep dive to the aspect of end customers.  I believe that in the close future the digital services take a similar giant step in social care as they have taken in healthcare side.

These years have been very rewarding, especially thanks to the great and close cooperation with our customers, excellent and positive feedback and services which truly help people. That is something to wake up for each workday.  

Paula Mäkeläinen

Account director & Communication, Movendos

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