Digital health services have enabled the continuity during corona time

TT Botnia Oy (occupational health Botnia) has started to use the digital solutions by Movendos, including time reservation, remote reception and digital health checks. TT Botnia was founded in the beginning of 2021 and it’s owned by the regional municipalities and federations of municipalities in Ostrobothnia and Southern Ostrobothnia. 

The remote reception solutions by Movendos have saved our revenue remarkably during corona time, because we have been able to continue our work in a very exceptional situation, the Managing Director of TT Botnia, Timo Ylilauri tells.

TT Botnia Oy offers occupational healthcare services to its owners and to some extent to the companies and farmers in the region. Many new municipalities have been founded to the region and due to the strong growth the business of TT Botnia is doubling during this year. From the beginning of May 2021 TT Botnia has had 17 units and about 90 professionals.

As the region where we offer our services is huge with many units, the digital services are very important for flexible offering of resources. This is how we can support our smaller units when ever needed. Remote reception means often also saving time to all parties, and a possible need for further examination is easy to agree remotely without moving from a place to another. A farmer for example can contact us directly from a tractor, Ylilauri describes with a good example.

Remote reception enables working and access to services from any location

The nurses of TT Botnia are serving their customers in the urgent chat during mornings. They also serve in non-urgent chat where the professionals respond during three days. 

The video appointments are used by all professionals from nurses to doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists. It has been used for example to health checks, guiding to services and in cases of illness, Pia Wägar, the Responsible Occupational Health Nurse tells.

Both the customers and professionals have been happy with the remote reception solutions. For example from the chat it’s easy to move information to the patient information system. The remote reception services are based on Movendos mClinic solution.

Remote reception also enables the professional work from any location in special situations caused by corona, like quarantene situations in the family. Without the remote reception in these situations, the professionals should stay away from work.

The possibility to use remote doctors is an interesting opportunity for smaller municipalities. We have started a trial with a remote doctor from Helsinki. This kind of a model is a good way to make doctor resources better in smaller places where the recruitment of doctors has not been possible, Ylilauri tells.

A fluent time reservation and digital health checks make health services easier

The mBooking time reservation system developed by Movendos has been experienced as very easy to use from customers’ aspect. For a customer it’s convenient as there is no need to queue to services and the time can be reserved when ever there is a need. The time reservation of TT Botnia guides to a discussion with the nurse remotely or in a face-to face meeting. When ever there is need for a doctor, physiotherapist or a psychologist, the time reservation happens by the nurse contact.

Movendos mSurvey has been used for digital health checks, which are done to all employees of the same employer at once. We have got very good feedback for this from our customers, Wägar tells.

The employees who have been responding to the surveys have said that the surveys are very easy to fill in, easy to return and they have also found the automatic feedback and summary report benefical after responding. The occupational healthcare has contacted employees after the surveys if there has been any need based on the results. This has also been valued by the customers. It’s also easy to select the right survey content to each kind of employee groups.

The graphical summaries of Movendos surveys have made both the superiors and employees happy. The group reports show clearly how the employees are doing. In many cases this has led to deeper cooperation between occupational healthcare and employer in terms of promoting health, Wägar thanks.

Ylilauri and Wägar say that the cooperation with Movendos has went well and everything has happened in schedule. Also the questions have been responded quickly.

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