How team players can benefit from holistic and individual on-line coaching?

Coaching in different team sports is focused mainly on specific skills related to the sports in question. However, in young athlete’s life also sufficient recovery, having enough sleep, proper nutrition affect greatly on wellbeing and development. Also time management is one of the most important skills, because having enough time for school, for friends and also completely free time along the training is important. Good time management and the ability to tend to your own needs affect the development of skill and abilities, both physical and mental.

Discussions with sport governing bodies and professionals have shown that there truly is a need for new ways to support holistic wellbeing. In addition, even athletic adolescents don’t get enough daily small activity during weekdays in school or at home. Daily basic activity has a big impact on wellness.

The Finnish Floorball Club Classic wanted to pilot holistic on-line coaching. During the season of 2015-2016 Movendos coaching was carried out with a sports team for the first time. Classic’s 13 to 14 year old girls were coached with Movendos for the whole season. The goal was to stir up thoughts about holistic wellbeing and bring small new things to the players’ lives. Naturally the main goal of the program was a good balance between training and recovery. The coaching tasks related to follow up of training and daily activity, sleep, feelings, nutrition and time management. During this experiment on-line coaching was done by Movendos Ltd and the floorball team coaches were involved in designing the content. The results were positive in different areas of life and most of the players want to continue on-line coaching next season.

Movendos licenses the on-line coaching tool for healthcare, rehabilitation, workplace wellness and coaching professionals in Finland and abroad. There is huge still unused potential in team sports related to on-line coaching.

“An athlete’s life is being an athlete 24/7. It’s great that there’s a tool to support adolescents through their life as a whole. Individual coaching is also a big part of team sports and Movendos enables increasing individual aspects in team sports,” says Irina Peltola, the coach of the Finnish women’s national floorball team and the youth director of SC Classic.

In the future Movendos tool could support player development in team sports on many levels. The discussions have brought up also some completely new important aspects in addition to team coaching. Movendos could act as a channel for following up the so called player path along the years. Movendos is also a great support for increasing the holistic wellbeing of athletes and it helps individual support for rehabilitation of sport injuries.

Movendos would also enable the national on-line coaching of talents between talent camps, with the help of coaching content, communications or video calls. One more point of view is the implementation of the team club’s internal coaching contents during the season to coaches in different age groups. Here the Movendos coach would work on the club level and the coaches would get content support with the help of the on-line coaching tool. The same principle could be adapted in coaching talented players from all over the country by, for example, a sport academy or a sport governing body.

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