Keys to success on-line coaching content helps to support youth wellness

Movendos has created new task content in the on-line coaching platform. The new material contains ready made tasks to support the holistic wellness of young athletes. The tasks are based on the Keys to Success project managed by YMCA Finland. The task content can be applied to all youth and hobbies, not only athletes.

Keys to Success content is focusing on promoting mental, physical and social wellbeing by both individual and group content. The tasks help to recognize own strengths, fears, dreams and small things that help to support holistic wellness in daily life. There is also task material related to time management, motivation, positive feedback, nutrition, social skills and future plans.

Keys to Success has been a fife years project starting from 2012, being funded by the Finnish Slot Machine Association and managed by YMCA Finland. The project has aimed at creating an action model for sports teams and other hobby groups to support healthy habits and holistic wellness of youth.

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