Rehabilitation is heading for a new highway

In Finland there has been a lot of discussion about the digitalization of rehabilitation and the shift from in-house rehabilitation to open, on-line rehabilitation. The old structures and the dynamics of rehabilitation sector change slowly, but the need for change is obvious. 

A remote rehabilitation on-line service can both cut down the rehabilitation costs, increase good results of rehabilitation and bring the rehabilitation service for the ones in need, where ever they live and are located. When the ultimate needs, targets and the true motivation for change is recognized, the change need can be cut down into small pieces enough. Concrete rehabilitation tasks and small scale habit forming in the daily life help to reach the sustained change. In rehabilitation services, it’s important to combine individual and group support with multiprofessional team expertice, when needed.

The field of rehabilitation is vast. The content varies from the traditional health rehabilitation to mental health and occupational rehabilitation. When the new action models are created to on-line rehabilitation, the coordination, open discussion and sharing the roles of the service providers and other stakeholders is crucial.  Movendos attends actively the forums developing open rehabilitation services in Finland.

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