Increased self-treatment skills for osteoporosis patients

The association supporting self-treatment of osteoporosis in Finland, carried out a 6 month pilot project of on-line coaching. The participants were from different areas in Finland, aging from 60 to 73, and the group met in the beginning and in the end of the coaching project. The coaching and support between was carried out by Movendos mCoach on-line coaching tool.

The target of the on-line coaching was to support self-treatment and enable better daily performance for the participants. The focus of the coaching was especially on versatile daily activity and sports, but also on good nutrition supporting health of bones. Based on the performance measurements before and after the project, the ability for activities and sports increased remarkably during the project and also the awareness and skills for self-treatment got better.

The association continues offering Movendos on-line coaching courses based on these good experiences.

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