Our Story and Philosophy


There are plenty of things in this world which can be done better by utilizing good existing solutions and by creating new and needed ones. We continuously listen to our customer needs for enabling fluent need based development, not to forget the constant follow-up of societal development, aspects of worklife and reform of healthcare sector.

For us the technology is not a value as itself – instead it’s always subsidiary to and an enabler of human to human support and positive change on individual level. Technology can be a tool for screening individual needs and background, a tool for fluent remote communication and support and for a high quality path supporting individual health and wellbeing. The technology needs to be easy to use both for the end customer and for the professionals using it daily. At its best this technology can enable secured and trusted services which are independent of location and time.

There is no standard solution for individual health and wellbeing.

There is no standard one size fits all solution for individual health and wellbeing. We all have our own idea and understanding of wellbeing and we all are having an unique background and life stiuation. Based on our long experience we know that the best and most sustained results are achieved with a very individual and personal aspect. We see the positive change as a result of small daily steps and we apply the theoretical models of habit change and the theories of cognitive behavioral therapy. We see the human being as a whole where life has several areas which all have an effect to each other. A small change in something can bring remarkable changes in some other area of life. We utilize this aspect in both our own technology and in our own individual coachings.

The principles of our philosophy are individuality, evidence based, holistic aspect, scalability and trust.




The story of Movendos is a fascinating example of hard work and visionarity in developing new need oriented business. Success requires right timing and right persons which we have been lucky to have. There are two paths and the latter one started in Autumn 2016 as a coaching company called Eliva joined Movendos. 

The first story path

In year 2012 the research group of Personal Health Informatics in Tampere University of Technology was searching for better models for supporting individual health and holistic wellbeing. In the background this team had a strong understanding of how to support habit and behavior change. This interdisciplinary group consisted of experts of health, behavioral and software science. In this core group there were also Arto Leppisaari, Hannu Nieminen, Hannu Mikkola, Heidi Lehtonen and Stefan Baggström. They all had a long common background in Nokia corporation where each of them had developed different technology and service innovations during their own individual careers. Some of this development work had also included aspects of wellbeing and health, which as a theme was close of everyone’s heart. This origin brought the team together.

When the research group was screening the needs of health and wellbeing field in Finland, it became clear that there were no existing tools to support positive change in every day life habits. The professionals of healthcare, rehabilitation and wellbeing had a clear need to find a channel where the things agreed in the meetings could be brought into concrete steps. It’s quite common that in the daily life the small steps of change tend to be forgotten. The professionals also thought that to make a bigger difference with impact their customers would need support between the face to face meetings.

The word Movendos comes from Latin and it means ”set in motion, inspire”

The research group got inspired and motivated by this clear need and the prototype of a remote coaching tool started to develop. The encouraging feedback on the prototype and trials led into the foundation of Movendos Ltd.

The word Movendos comes from Latin and it means “put into action, inspire” which was a perfect match for the company background.

The next year already, in 2013, Movendos brought mCoach remote coaching tool into market. Year after year the usage of it has got wider among professionals in Finland. Soon after going to market phase Movendos hired Paula Mäkeläinen for customer and development work. Carlos Peréz-Blanco had done Movendos software development from the very beginning and in 2015 Andres Ledesma joined the visionary team.

The second story path

In the beginning of 90’s Petteri Paakkunainen was an inquisitive expert of wellbeing who was focusing his interest on the individual coaching aspect rising in the United States. At that point it was more about personal training and there was an existing need to explain what it is all about.
For a few years Petteri was going around expert meetings in United States and finally got a chance to move to California. Petteri started to think of founding an education programme of personal trainers in Finland. It was all new then – there was a need for individual support and service in Finland as well, but no offering of such services. Until those days individual coaching was available for sports like tennis and golf. For most, support was only available in groups.

After returning to Finland in 1996, Petteri founded the Fitness Academy of Finland (FAF) together with Tiina Ranin. The first personal trainer education program started the following year already in Vierumäki. The endless will to know and understand more about the holistic support of individual wellbeing and business related to it led Petteri to focus more on workplace wellness. During 15 years his expertise and understanding of workplace wellness got deeper. It was clear that the existing common support models were not promoting individual health and wellbeing in the best possible way. The increasing amount of knowledge and professionals didn’t have a correlative impact on individual change. The employees were offered standard solutions, same for all, which doesn’t work. Petteri started more and more think that if the needs, hopes and situations of life are unique for us all, also the support needs to be individual. At that time there was also lack of holistic thinking. The professionals were giving support from their own silo related to activity, nutrition or medical aspects.

New results are not achieved by old means and methods. 

Based on all this became an idea to develop personal training into direction of individual and holistic aspect. Also the professional understanding had to be changed, because new results are not achieved by old means and methods. There was a need for coaching method, which is more focusing coaching based on behavioral sciences instead of traditional health aspect only. Compared to the external guiding by a professional, this value and solution based coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to support life habit change in a sustained way. In addition to new kind of professional thinking there was a need for new kind of well consepted service models.

This second story path ends in the foundation of Eliva Wellness Coaching Ltd which was focusing on individual health and wellness coaching with impact measurement and also on an education program for wellbeing and healthcare professionals. With this model health and wellbeing could be supported in a holistic and individual but at the same time in easy and a scalable way.
The paths unite

As it often happens, businesses based on similar philosophies and thoughts get together. In summer 2016 Arto Leppisaari and Petteri Paakkunainen shared thoughts during a lunch. For some time Movendos and Eliva had walked on a similar kind of a path. Quite quickly after the meeting and company level discussions there was a clear vision on combining Movendos and Eliva. By combining high level remote coaching technology and impact measurements to the well consepted indivual coaching makes individual support even more scalable and reachable.

In October 2016, there was the second birthday of Movendos and something awesome had been created. The story continues.