In the digitalization of healthcare it’s all about understanding the customers

The common thread of healthcare development should be the needs of individuals in the form of professionals and healthcare customers. The first ones want to do their work as fluently and well as possibly and the end customers want to be treated well, fast and at right time. By understanding these needs a flexible company can make digital services truly fluent and based on needs, without fruitless “nice to have” features which often make things complicated.

If we think about how much digitalization and preventive development of healthcare is being talked about, the truth is stranger than media lets us understand.  Very often health screenings and surveys are still made on paper, the data is not collected in right places at right times or the data is not used in the best possible way. For an individual customer it means often multiple visits to different kind of experts, causing reactive healthcare processes instead of preventive support. Here, the challenge often is not the technology itself, but the lack of understanding. If the technology developer and provider doesn’t understand the whole picture in addition to small details or vice versa, how would it be possible to serve the healthcare professionals and their customer – you and me?

What kind of steps do we take with what kind of footprints?

As a company Movendos has done lot of fieldwork during the past fife years in Finland. We have created trusted channels and relationships with our partners and we know the aspects of different actors in the healthcare field. As a small company we have raised trust, been listened and heard and now this is being rewarded. We have focused on making the workday of the professional good and at the same on making the end customer feel safe and taken care of.

Depending on needs, we help our customers to build holistic solutions for the whole service path or license them individual technologies, which can be integrated to other services later on. This way we also give time for professionals to get used to with new service models. We have developed following technologies in the service path, which all work fluently together or which can be integrated to other systems:

  • Time reservation and service path based on needs and symptoms, Movendos mBooking, guides the occupational healthcare customer to the right professional at the right time, based on existing agreements.
  • Extensive survey service for health and wellness screening with audited content, Movendos mSurvey, was developed together with Finnish healthcare and research professionals. Contains constantly evolving and tailorable modules related to holistic wellness, health screenings, work risk analysis, motivation screenings and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • For remote appointments we have developed Movendos mClinic service, which offers trusted video appointment service based on reserved times or other service needs. The customer can also move from chat to video meeting when needed.
  • The remote coaching tool mCoach is our oldest but still evolving tool, which is a coaching tool for professional use with holistic content, based on individual and group coaching needs.

Integrations of individual technologies in the same platform to patient information systems enables fluent exchange of data and easier work process for the professional. When the right information and data is available at the right time and when combining data, analyzing and reporting it is made easy, the healthcare provider can serve its customers much better. This enables also more holistic development of services on the organizational level. All our services are easily usable also with mobile devices with high data security.

We dare to say that there is no area in the digitalization of occupational healthcare that we would not be familiar with. We always search for and offer the right combination for a solution, together with the customer.

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