Movendos helps coaching and healthcare professionals to prevent chronic diseases

How do these facts sound like?

  • 70% of healthcare budget in EU is used for chronic lifestyle related disease care (physical and mental health).
  • 58 % of chronic diseases can be prevented with personalized health coaching provided by a health professional.
  • 10-15% of salary costs are lost due to presenteeism: costs 25 mrd annually in Finland.

There are lots of things to be done in this area, but the individual change starts from small things. Daily choices small enough help to increase both mental and physical health, if at the same time the enjoyable things in life remain.

The difficulty in life habit change is often that the awareness and knowledge about the need for change doesn’t turn into concrete habits or actions in the daily life. The positive change can be hard to adopt due to the fear of a change being too huge, lack of belief in own resources, other daily routines and hurries and limited resources of the professionals. This is expensive both for the society and the individual’s life quality.

The individual health and wellness coaching could partly replace health care checks done regularly by the occupational health care. Research studies show that extensive health checks done for all don’t bring concrete benefits in the long run. For example, in Finland there are one million health checks done annually. With the costs of one occupational health care check the individual could be offered a 4 month individual coaching, with proven results.

What does online coaching change?

Movendos has developed an online coaching tool for professionals. It helps to turn the individual goals and needs into concrete new daily habits by small steps. At the same time, the follow up and support of the coach is available. Along this positive change the professionals’ work processes become more effective and the results get better. The online coaching can be combined to face to face meetings or conducted completely as online coaching.

In Movendos online coaching the professional brings his support to the customer’s daily life between the meetings. When the individual needs, life situation and goals are turned into concrete steps supporting holistic positive change, the commitment and sustained change is easier. The tailored online coaching content, professional’s follow up, feedback and messaging give motivation. The on-line coaching benefits any kind of persons from youth in need of life management, to elderly person recovering from a hip surgery or to an employee suffering from work related stress.

The online support creates cost savings as there can be less face to face meetings and the freed time can be used for online coaching of multiple individuals. The meetings can also be held by a secured video call, in case of long distances or due to other reasons.

Where is online coaching used?

Movendos online coaching tool is used already by 50 licensed organisations in Finland, from healthcare to rehabilitation and therapy. 87 % of coaching customers think Movendos has increased their motivation for life habit change.

Examples of professionals using Movendos are physiotherapists, nurses, rehabilitation coaches, psychologists and sport or career coaches. The coaching content can relate to physical wellbeing, nutrition, sports, mental health, stress management or social relations. The age variation of the coachees in Finland has varied from 15 to 80.

Movendos Ltd. is a spin-off from the Tampere University of Technology, year 2012. The online coaching tool is based on the latest research of behavioral and health sciences, and it’s developed based on MDD requirements.
Please, contact for further information:

Account director Paula Mäkeläinen
Movendos Ltd.
+358 50 405 9940

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