Movendos coaching and everyday capability

On 14th of April we organized a training day for the coaching and healthcare professional. During the day the professionals presented tools for and experiences of on-line coaching for life habit change. Over 60 coaching, healthcare and rehabilitation professionals attended the day, from physiotherapists to psychologists and exercise counselors from the private and public sector. From knowledge to habit – Life habit guidance, everyday support and online coaching -training was the first time when Finnish Movendos coaches from different organisations met and shared experieces.

PhD in health sciences and coach Eeva-Leena Ylimäki spoke about the importance of self-evaluation and commitment in supporting change. Awakening both the person’s trust and the person’s own capabilities for coaching is crucial. The change can begin, when thinking and feelings are at the same level. Then the understanding, knowledge and skill to control one’s own life increases. It’s essential to support change in life habits by conserving life’s convenience’s. Life habit change can bring advantage with small everyday things without the need to give up everything. The professional has to be ready to see the client’s situation in such a way, that they can work as a team.

PhD in exercise sciences Kati Kauravaara presented the value- and acceptance based aspect of advancing health and exercise. During her speech she brought forth psychological flexibility as an important factor. This could, for example, be recognizing things that are important to yourself, orientating in behavior according to your own values and the skill to do little concrete things, which together positively affect your wellbeing. Also the skill to recognize how your own thoughts and feelings affect your own behavior will help you be aware of your own ways of behaving. It’s also important to accept negative experiences as a part of your life. Having goals, flexibility, experience and behaving according to your own values are a part of a succesful change process.

Additionally, we presented stories of experience with the Movendos-online coaching for different age- and focus groups. Pro-Energy opened up experiences about 18-25 year old employees’ holistic occupational health coaching, in which the most important goals are a part of time- and life management and holistic wellbeing. The sports councelling of the city of Espoo’s has used Movendos coaching service as a part of their exercise and weight control groups. Myllypuro’s versatile service center’s physiotherapist told about their experiences of Movendos-coaching for seniors and Peurunka’s rehabilitation center told about the progress in heart rehabilitation. Finally Mawell Care described the concept of online coaching of working-age people, in which the support is given remotely by phone and online coaching instead of meetings.

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