Movendos grows -Coaching services join technology solutions

Movendos and Eliva combine their strengths and Movendos grows on 1st of October 2016. Eliva has been offering tested and high quality holistic coaching services for employers. After the change, Movendos provides comprehensive screening services, holistic and individual coaching offered by high quality professionals and on-line coaching technology. The main customers at first phase are employers, but in the close future also public sector health and social care is a potential customer.

In addition to new coaching services, licensing the secured technology solutions for different service providers like occupational health providers and rehabilitation services continues.

The key thing is, that the individual is everything. Both in public and private sector the simple focus on individuals would bring huge positive impacts. Easily accessible individual level support in early phase brings results in different areas of life.

Movendos has started to talk about immediate support instead of the so called model of early support, which is widely used in companies in Finland. The early support model reacts too late, causing even 10 000 € costs for employer for each employee. With Movendos coaching model the support is available immediately when needed and in an easy and fluent way. This also helps to avoid wrong illness diagnosis, which often effects individual in a negative way.


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