Digital low threshold services help promoting health

The corona crisis has lasted for more than a year. It has been an unexpected situation for which society, organizations and individuals were unprepared. It has forced professionals to adopt different ways to offer services and developed readiness of end customers to utilize remote support for health.

For years, Movendos had been developing solutions and services related to remote reception and coaching as well as digital service paths as a whole. In the start of the corona epidemic, we were well prepared to support health and social care professionals in implementing remote reception and other digital services. The most important thing in this situation was the continuation of the important health and social care work.

Good digital health services enable fluent human to human connection 

Movendos was founded at the end of 2012, and from the very beginning of the company, it was clear that any remote technologies developed need to be easy to use and based on real everyday needs. Remote services have been able to improve the accessibility of services and geographical equity as well as to facilitate people’s access to a low-threshold service. The corona time has emphasized this importance even further, because remotely many encounters have been carried out safely and with a low threshold, regardless of location.

In recent years, the digital solutions of Movendos have expanded from remote coaching services to electronic health, well-being and working conditions surveys, symptom- and need-based time reservation, remote appointments and urgent (chat) and non-urgent messaging, Recently also a comprehensive collaboration portal for occupational health and employer was created. People’s ability to work and health have been supported not only as smooth digital services for occupational health, but also through value- and solution based Unik Health Coaching, which is own service business of Movendos for employers and their employees.

In the start of the corona crisis in March 2020, Movendos also launched a lighter remote reception service fast in just a couple of weeks. We saw the urgent need of smaller health service providers for remote reception. The lighter version of remote reception does not need to be integrated into the patient information system. In this way, even smaller health and social care service providers had the opportunity to continue important customer work through a secure channel. On the way we have also built smooth appointment paths for scheduling corona vaccinations together with service providers. This saves work time of the professionals and gives more resources to the most important like giving vaccinations.

Trust is at the heart of need based services

At the heart of it all, Movendos has always been close to the customer. Now, during an exceptional time, we have recognized the value of this long-term and confidential collaboration as more and more partners and parties rely on the digital solutions we implement. In addition, cooperation with existing partners is deepening and expanding. 

The corona crisis has had serious consequences for people’s lives, well-being and social relations. For our part, we want to build truly effective solutions and services that support health, well-being and inclusion in various areas of the health and social services.

This is even more important as the road will be cleared over the coronary crisis, from the aspect of short- and long-term effects. What remains is the need for quick personal support and the possibility to become encountered and heard when it’s needed.

The author of the blog is Paula Mäkeläinen, the Account Director of Movendos.

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