Strong new advisor expertice joined Movendos -inspired by creating preventive and individual health and well-being services

Movendos team got two new advisors with a very strong background. Anna-Mari Lahtinen is a Licensed Medical Specialist in General Practice and a long-term professional of health and well-being. Harri Helajärvi is a Doctor of Medical Science, clinician, researcher and an enthusiastic spokesperson for health and well-being.

Anna-Mari Lahtinen

”During the past years I have been a head of occupational health, safety and well-being in two international technology companies on global level. I have also worked as a doctor of health education, rehabilitation and occupational health during my career. Nowadays I lead my own well-being company. As a doctor I see preventive healthcare important – I want to help my customers to find the risk factors of their health before the diseases find my customer

I’m very enthusiastic to join Movendos team as an advisor. Movendos is a forerunner in the field of preventive and health supporting work, which reflects my values. Everyone of us is an individual in one’s own environment and life with both sorrows and joy. Movendos creates services, where the customer is seen in a very holistic way. This helps customers to make their quality of life better in their daily life in a very individual way.”


Harri Helajärvi

”I’m a doctor who wants to improve health of women and men. By combining research data, clinical work and my professional background I believe I can help improving human well-being and health for as many individuals as possible. I want to help people of different age and different background to live and feel better. Before sport and medical sciences I worked as an employee in an international organization, which gives me experience from the employee’s aspect as well.

My view is that we have only taken the first steps towards supporting well-being of individuals and communities. By understanding the laws of behavior and by developing new motivating ways to change it, we can help individuals even better. I want to work with other experts of different areas to build up new and effective expertise.

Already now Movendos is one of the strongest and versatile companies improving health and well-being, but even the best have to develop constantly. I’m eager to support this development for our common well-being.”


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