Movendos is in a strong growth – individual health and wellbeing in focus

Last year 2017 was a year of strong growth and it kept our team hands filled with work related to new products and services. Now our services, solutions and customer stories are available in our new website. Movendos turnover grew 209 % during 2017 and we continue on the same track.

Two years ago our focus was still on remote coaching platform only, but due to the very good and trusted relations with several customers, we started to solve their needs with a wider but still a well identified focus – individual service paths, health data management and individual right timed support. This all happens with a deep understanding of the needs of both HR management and healthcare professionals. It makes us happy to hear something like this in the meetings: “Movendos is so far the one and only software company with whom co-operation is really working without any extra hassle and frustration”!

Movendos mSurvey screening and survey service is an excellent example of true customer need and the best possible tailorable solution. In many ways 1,5 years ago we thought that some parts of the healthcare world would be “ready” what comes to digital collecting of survey data, but this was not the case, not at all. Many healthcare providers were and are still collecting data on papers or using electronic systems that are not responding the daily needs anymore – it can be about the lack of usability, lack of content or lack of tailorability. This means that health and wellbeing data of healthcare service providers is not always collected logically and therefore not used for the purposes it could be used – for understanding the individual needs and treatment or support paths, impact of interventions and support and e.g. the state of employees as a whole. The content needs vary a lot depending on the type of industry and employer’s job description.

In summer 2016 we collected together five occupational healthcare providers, and conducted a development project completely based on new needs and of course, existing audited good contents. We got mSurvey into market in January 2017 and we got almost 20 new customers in one year. During one year 100 000 surveys were responded in Finland. Meanwhile the survey contents have got deeper and wider, because we create new content modules almost every month. We react to the needs fast. A good example is the change of communicable disease law in Finland in March 2018. We now create a content that serves professionals in collecting the required data from employees.

On the way we have also started to developed more solutions for individual service path. Movendos mBooking is a symptom and need based time reservation system also developed  with our customers. It guides the customer to the right professional in the right place, with right kind of a time.

 Individual and scalable model for health and wellbeing with impact

Last year we started offering right timed individual coaching for employees and the growth has been good. Every single coaching we start means better quality of life for one individual human being, which means us a lot. The reaction of huge and valued Finnish companies has been clear – this is just what the markets has been missing, individual value and solution based health and wellness coaching, where an employee can participate when ever it’s needed and where the impact is proven and measured. This service has completed some missing parts of occupational healthcare and brought HR management a concrete and easy way to improve individual employee health and life with a right timing and easy logistics.

We use our own mSurvey service for the impact assessment, wider screening of company employees as a whole and for instance as one channel to guide individual employees for coaching. Remote meetings and the coaching itself is possible by utilizing our own secured and tailorable mCoach coaching platform.

We are here to serve so please, ask more

We will continue our curious and continuous development together with our customers and partners. In our new website you can find information about our technology solutions and consulting and coaching services. We have written blogs for long already so they are a good way to see what kind of customer problems we have been able to solve and what kind of common good we are bringing in the form of improving individual health and life management.

Our new customer stories can be found here:




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