Identifying individual needs and giving right timed support keep people in work life

Health problems and decreasing efficiency and motivation for work cause huge costs on societal level. The risk factors for premature retirement, its causes, consequences and costs are being widely discussed, researched and reported. What can we do in a concrete way to increase individual employee’s health and life management?

From early support model to instant individual support

The societal target of Movendos is to increase holistic health, life balance and motivation of employees and to keep people in work life. We support skills of life management, health and well-being with a low threshold individual coaching, timed as early as possible. This is how also presenteeism can be decreased. The ones who have already prematurely retired benefit from same kind of solutions and support, but these individuals often need support in many areas of life.

The individual well-being effects also the environment at home and at work. Both the negative and the positive influences spread to the people close by. Many employers have started to see that reacting to illness or lack of motivation later becomes much more expensive than the preventive and early phase support.  The occupational healthcare service providers are important partners, but often there is lack of processes for preventive actions. In Finland many companies have created a model for early support, which means reacting after certain amount of sick leave days. However, this already becomes quite expensive. The individual needs can be indentified at a very early stage, even before any sick leaves.

Movendos has developed a model for Instant support of employees.  With this model the employee needs are indentified and the individual coaching support is available right timed when ever there is need from the individual’s aspect. For the employer the model is easy to take into use and it can be easily combined along any other already existing processes related to occupational health or well-being. The model cuts the costs but also saves emoloyer’s time, because the logistics of the coaching happens between the employee and the coach. At its best the model is part of a holistic system for balancing the company employees’ health, better sharing of information and follow up or the impact and situation.

In many workplace wellness programmes the challenge has been to get the right people involved and to make them commit to the coaching and change. When the coaching is 100 % individual, right timed and independent of time and place, the threshold for participating is very low and the drop out is close to zero. The individual employees find the coaching as their own, because the timing and the content of the coaching is completely based on the employee’s individual life situation, values and needs. They get heard, so to say – and they are given concrete tools to change their thought models and daily habits.

Measuring impact on different levels calls for deep understanding

If we want to measure the productivity of work, the new kind of work sets new kind of challenges for measuring: the physical presence or amount of sick leave days are old indicators and they don’t tell much of the productivity of the new work. For us it’s important to show the positive impact of individual support for the employer management.This means combining individual’s own experience of quality of life to external measurements. These can be examined at any level from the whole company level to units or groups with different professional backgrounds. It’s also crucial to indentify if the employee responds how he’s feeling at work or in his life as a whole. The indicators of life management, recovery, motivation and mental and physical health can be combined to workplace assessment data, which gives good information on the status.

In modern professions mental well-being, skills for self management and inner motivation are of high value. Lack of these, presenteeism, causes even 10–15 % loss of salary costs for employers. We challenge this by developing new kind of indicators which combine both individual experience and objective measurements. We also get external research results to prove the impact of our model. The Finnish Institute of Occupational health researches, how our coaching model effects on the amount of stress, health factors and costs among daycare workers.

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