A modern healthcare service path brings more time to face and serve customers

There is a lot of loud talk both about the problems, challenges, risks and possibilities related to healthcare digitalization. However, quite often the discussion is more about administrative high level issues, as well as about aspects of money and power – unfortunately far from the daily work and life of healthcare professionals and their individual customers.

At its best digitalization makes offering need oriented services easier, in a scalable way, easy to reach. What is best, as a natural consequence, we reach better impact with lower costs.  Motivated by this target, we are willing to focus on concrete solutions in daily use, that work both on grassroots and macro level.

Comprehensive healthcare platform is tailored to the needs of the service path

Sometimes adopting digital solutions phase by phase during years causes a mixed solution with several technology providers which is not working fluently together. Then the idea of digitalization is not what it’s supposed to be. It may cause even more costs and frustration both among the healthcare professionals and their individual customers.

Movendos is solving healthcare customer needs by developing services together with them. The digital healthcare solutions by Movendos function both separately and together, which enables adopting digital services in the right order that serves the unique service provider best. Along the way, it’s easy to adopt new solutions to the same digital service path and everything works well together.

Movendos Health Platform is a comprehensive service, which combines the phases of individual service path to the key needs of professional work. It also enables effective utilizing of data to develop services further.

A happy healthcare professional and a happy customer are the key to forerunner services

When the digital solutions are easy to use and serve the healthcare professional well, also the customer experience of the end customer is positive. When the daily work becomes more fluent, also motivation, commitment and constant professional development are in the core. This makes true impact happen with the healthcare customers as well.

On individual level, the positive health effects happen, if one gets right kind of support and professional help at the right time. On the organizational level the impact is created by a better follow up and more efficient usage of time – good digitalization leaves more time for the most important thing, for facing and serving the customers.

If the end customer benefits, also the healthcare professional benefits. The occupational healthcare Pirte in Tampere, Finland, is thankful for the agility of Movendos Health Platform.

– We are using mBooking need and symptom oriented time reservation system and  mSurvey screening and health survey solution. This Autumn we will start using mClinic with remote appointments and treatment chat, says Anne Jaakonmäki from Pirte.

Pirte has been happy for the need oriented development of Movendos solutions. As the system grows, everything works well together.

– Movendos has always kept its promises and fulfilled the development needs we have had, Anne describes.

Movendos Health Platform consists of Movendos mBooking time reservation, Movendos Survey screening and survey solution and Movendos mClinic remote appointments and chat. It’s a secured cloud service, which can be used with any computer or smart device. In Finland, it has been integrated to Acute patient information system. 

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